Knight Kornel Woźny

Kornel Woźny
Kornel Woźny Birthday is coming in 285 days
Dragon (disease):



Treatment in New York City

Necessary amount: 1.800.000 PLN

Already we have: 1.944.247 PLN

“Kornel is a miracle for us, an unexpected present which shouldn’t be fulfilled! The doctors warned us because I am suffering from myasthenia (muscular weakness) the chance for giving birth to a baby was very low” – remembers mama Patrycja.

“Our sweetheart was born on a warm day in May 2014. We cannot find words to describe the feelings of joy and love for our child. Unfortunately Kornel was born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD). Since birth he is under the care of cardiologists. Despite of adversities he developed right – he was always strong, bursting with energy, a clever boy.”  – added dad Piotr.

After six months the parents realized that Kornel was slightly squinting. The doctors assured “This is normal at that age, this might happen”… After four months the diagnosis was stated and the parents lost ground: tumor… retinoblastoma…

“In May 2015 we started our fight for Kornels life and health. He underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapies but also thermotherapies as well as cryotherapies. Kornel even qualified himself for arterial chemotherapy at the ‘Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka’ in Warsaw. And even this went wrong – the physicians tried it four times but they succeeded for 2,5 times. Complications arose during treatments and Kornel was suffering a lot.” – tells mama Patrycja holding back her tears.

The last examination on October 26 this year showed a relapse…
The doctors again conducted laser therapy for this tumor but they are warning us again – if this treatment does not succeed it might threaten to remove Kornels eye. Trying once again to give arterial chemotherapy might end with a stroke for Kornel.

“We know about a physician in this world who wants to help all children around the globe. He approaches individually to every child and the percentage of healed children by this physician is nearly 100%. In our opinion miracles can happen! We believe in him saving our children’s life and furthermore even his eye. The charges can rise up to 1.5 million złotych! We cannot manage it ourselves” – appeal the parents.

Payment methods

Bank transfer: Fundacja Rycerze i Księżniczki
PKO Bank Polski
90 1020 1042 0000 8902 0324 4142
Title: "Darowizna - Kornel Woźny"
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